Ditch Your Bulky Speakers for Portable Bluetooth Speakers


Remember those days when the size of the speaker determined how awesome your speaker was or how proudly you can show it off? I still remember showing off my all-new, huge, Sony CD music player to a very impressed teenage girl whom I was wooing when I was younger. Well, that move would totally have failed if it was this generation. Now, this is a generation where the smaller or slimmer a gadget is, the better one can show of. Umm, this statement may be very untrue for iPhones or smartphones because they are growing bigger and bigger with each release, still, it is a statement totally true for other gadgets. Minimalism and efficiency without compromise on quality is the go-to word for today’s gadgets.

A few years ago, before Bluetooth speakers became mainstream, mp3 players, good headphones, and phones that can play loud music were some key options that we have at our disposal for portable music. Now, we have a whole range of sleek and efficient portable Bluetooth speakers that is taking prime space and fulfills our needs for loud and portable music effortlessly.


Broadly classifying on one primary feature difference, there are three kinds of Portable Bluetooth speakers:

  • Portable Bluetooth Speakers that has No Water Resistance
    This kind of speaker has no water resistance and so, using it in the bathroom, places with water, or in the rain would definitely be gamble; you need to be very careful. These speakers definitely have wonderful sound and the quality will depend on the make and the price you are paying for it. All of these speakers are extremely friendly size wise and you even get it in sizes small enough to fit your jeans pocket.
  • Portable Shower Speakers
    As the name suggests, these kind of speakers are designed to withstand certain levels of the effects of water. Splashes, drizzling rain, and wet hands will not harm this kind of speaker and you do not have to worry as long as you do not submerge the speaker completely in water. With little care not to drop it into water, you are ready to rock the world from anywhere.
  • Portable Waterproof Speakers
    These speakers are tough as well as rugged. Most of these speakers are not just waterproof and can withstand complete immersion ranging from a few feet to several meters depending on the model, but can also withstand shock. This makes them relatively safe against drops and accidents.  Some of these speakers even float and thus are extremely friendly for use in beaches, pool parties, and the perfect companion as you indulge in music-raging water sports.

There is no nitty-gritty when it comes to how you operate a portable Bluetooth speaker. All you have to do it pair it with a phone that has the Bluetooth feature and hit Play. You can also play songs over an AUX cable included with most speakers. Do verify before buying to ensure that the speaker you are buying has an AUX cable feature if that is something you are keen on. Some speakers also come with a micro SD card slot that you can also use to play songs with and some speakers even allow you to use it as a power bank or as a flash light. Just as the features are varied, the price also ranges from a few dollars to top dollar. If you are looking to read detailed reviews and explore options, Thundering Sound speakers site is a good place to begin. They have a wide range of expert-tested speakers that they provide reviews, comparisons, and guides for. Click here to visit thunderingsound.com. Some speakers are just better than others with sound delivery and speakers with the most bells and whistles are not necessarily the best, so do take care while choosing.

Join the lot of trendy and cool people and get ready to seriously impress people as you hold your next pool party with music blaring from a floating Bluetooth speaker.

Waring Pro Double Burner ICT400 Induction Cooktop


The Waring Pro double burner induction cooktop is a mid-end range cooktop with the best features for both small and big families. The performance is impressive with many features that conventional cooktops do not offer. People looking for ease of cooking and comfort will never miss the fun of cooking with this Waring Pro cooktop.

The efficiency in consumption of energy is enough to recover the money you have paid for the cooktop. The consumption of energy is 70% less than most of the conventional cooktops. It uses minimum power and besides that, the cooktop will not work when there is no pan present on the cooktop, which means there is no power consumption. When no pan is on the cooktop, it automatically shut off on its own. This is one of the biggest advantages over traditional electric and gas cooktops, which results in less power consumption.

This particular cooktop has two burners with an “on and off” buttons for each of the burners and the one on the left has eight different heat settings for cooking different types of food. The other burner on the right has five different heat setting for cooking delicate food. There are some kinds of food, which need slow cooking, and in some cases, it needs a high heat for frying or searing. In addition, it has a timer, which can be set up to 150 minutes. It is long enough to cook anything at such a long duration of cooking. Once the timer is set, you can attend to other household chores as well. If it is just for half an hour, the cooktop will automatically shut off after the set time is over.

The good thing about this cooktop is that, it is flameless and therefore, it does not add temperature to your kitchen, and it is safe for children from getting burns. After 30 seconds of removal of the pan on the cooktop, it shuts off by itself. The residual heat might be there for sometime but not hot enough to get burns. The same feature is available with Fagor America 670041900 cooktop which is another excellent cooktop for modern kitchen. For more information on latest induction cooktop reviews visit cooktophunter.com.

The other side of the story is that, the cooking zone is not big enough to cook bacons and steaks. The cooktop does not work well when we use a pan bigger than 8”. It is a little choosy on what cookware to use. It works well if the bottom of your cooktop attracts a magnet.

The ease in cleaning, precise temperature control and auto shut off are distinct features that make this cooktop special. It is a perfect choice for your convenience in the kitchen.

Stars who Love the Kitchen

How much do you like to catch up about your star and their lifestyle? Well, celebrities have quite a special lifestyle pattern we love to follow on social networking sites as well as through magazines. Catching up with their lifestyle would usually mean catching with their favorite hangout places to their fashion sense. But here, we introduce quite a different realm, a more detailed one actually. The kind of lifestyle by which we talk about the threads that defines ones’ silhouettes, the antics that fill ones’ days, and food that makes ones’ bellies happy. So what about the favorite cuisine that your top stars love too much or rather enough for them to hit the kitchen and prepare it, themselves? Well, rather than munching away on some junks, here they are to wow us with their cooking.


Gweneth Paltrow

The celebrity is one of the first celebrities who pioneered celebrity lifestyle advice industry. With two of her cookbooks already published, she is also the curator of a website called Goop. She loves modern kitchen and latest induction cooktops. Well, we did not expect this, did we? But Gweneths’ website happens to be one of the digital mecca for health nuts like many of us.

Taylor Swift

She loves to bake delicious looking pastries and cookies to keep her kitchen smelling good. If you happen to follow her on instagram you know what I am talking about coz she does has pretty cupcakes and pies that inspires millions.

Oprah Winfrey

Another celebrity who loves to bake and keep her home smelling nice and delicious is Oprah. She simply seems to love providing her home with fresh food ranging from French fries to pastries and cakes.

Haylie Duff

She is another favorite among celebrities who has her own cookbook. Haylie also has her own show called ‘The Real Girl’s Kitchen’ where she does show off some of her awesome recipes we love. And Haylie does have yummy creations.

Aziz Ansari

He is an interesting one. It’s real nice to follow him on instagram and seeing him post delicious looking dishes for his family. If only we could enjoy one of his treats is the most frequent thought I had about his posts.

Blake Lively

Think of how lucky Ryan Reynolds got to have Blake Lively for a partner; such a diva and she does love her kitchen territory. And what’s more, she seems to have this obsession for baking delicate pastries as well as elaborate puff pastries, which we can easily guess could well be her specialty. Well, breakfast with Blake Lively does sound lively sweet, doesn’t it?


Some serious followers of these celebrities on Instagram like me have developed a serious craving for the yummy meals they post. And healthy as their food items are, they all manage to stay fit and in shape. After all, what all that we hassle and look for come down to is a healthy lifestyle, ain’t it?

A Train of Questions to Consider About Celebrity Lifestyle

Do you make it a point to catch up all the celebrity lifestyles that you like? Do you wonder how they got such flawless skin and how they got that hot look, besides all the fashionable stuff they get to wear? Do you tend to follow their fashion trend? Well, theirs is the ultimate glamour in the fashion world. But there is more to them. How do they always pull through with grace and confidence? Why do celebrities always make breaking news?


As you keep this questions running in your head, celebrity lifestyle, as much as they try to make look way more flashy, they are as human as we are and want lives as normal as ours. Yes, they are also privileged in a way but what makes them different? Is it the grooming? Is it the wealth they have? Well they are definitely wealthier than us but remember theirs is hard earned as well.

So now, do you ever consider yourself as cool as the celebrities and that it is all about the attitude that counts? Having said that, celebrities do struggle and succeed just as we do, celebrities enjoy just as much as we only theirs is on a larger scale.

But does that mean they find bigger happiness than us? We cannot believe so; they probably have to go through an ordeal of human afflictions that they usually muffle up. And, they act like they are bigger than their problem. Well, this is exactly where their strength lies; this is what makes them special in a way. And now it might seem like they see themselves through an illusion of more intensive struggles that they go through but they sure do know how to value themselves than we do. If we can value life and celebrate life as much as they can, we are much as the celebrities ourselves.

So what is it that celebrities do that makes their lives special? How does that get reflected in their lifestyle? Don’t you love celebrities who take care of the less privileged as much as they care about themselves? Most celebrities, actors and actresses donate to charity work or they participate and sponsor big charity events. This is the good spirit that we usually adore most in celebrities, ain’t it? The kind of good spirit that spreads a wellness wave much more extensively than the fitness regimes they endorse or fitness routines they follow.

Would you believe that these celebrities would derive far more rewarding feelings than any other act of virtuosity than saving millions of suffering lives? That I think I must call greatness. So get going, get the lifestyle you have been fancying all this while, get that feeling of greatness. You know what it is you want to start with and what it is you want. It’s all, about the attitude and you are what you want to be.

Virtuoso Violin – The World’s First Self Playing Violin

Musical instruments play a very important role in producing wonderful sound of music. There are different kinds of instruments used by musicians and singers in performing musical concerts and orchestras.

Violin is one of the most highly regarded instruments. The sound of violin is distinct, unique and loveable. Music lovers and listeners can easily make out the difference between, the sound of a guitar, bass drum and a violin, even when you listen to the music from your Smartphones and iPods. There are self playing violins or machine playing violins and violins in the hands of a violinist. The same instrument will produce different music in the hands of the musicians.

What is a Virtuoso Violin?


The word ‘Virtuoso’ means a very skillful musicians or one who excels in musical technique. “Virtuoso Violin” is a machine playing violin or a self playing violin. It was Fred Paroutaud who invented the world’s first self playing violin. The ordinary violins are usually played using a bow, with the support of your hands and fingers. Whereas, Virtuoso violin uses a different technique to play a violin. It uses electromagnet, in place of the fingers. The Virtuoso violin is regarded as the world’s first self -playing violin.

As quoted – “an invisible hand glides the bow across the strings producing a genuine violin sound with no human in sight.”

The Virtuoso violin is designed in such a way to produce a perfect or real sound of a violin. So, the violin strings are restrung, the bridge is replaced with a mechanical bridge, in order to control the vibration and oscillation of the strings and the movement of the bow. The Virtuoso violin being a self playing violin uses electromagnet technology to play the instrument. Therefore, the positions of the vibrating strings are likely to change in order to produce the correct sound.

However, the sound that comes out from the Virtuoso Violin lacks the quality of a violin sound in comparison with the violinist’s playing a violin. This is because of the inability for the device to spontaneously play emotionally. The violinist will put his heart and soul to make wonderful music out of it.

Other Self Playing Violins

The Hupfeld Phonoliszt Violina is an automatic violin player or a self playing violin.

The Mills Violano Virtuoso is a self playing violin and automatic piano, invented by the Mills Novelty Company in the early 1900’s.

The first models were called Automatic Virtuosa and later a piano mechanism was added to provide an accompaniment.

The Mills Violano Virtuoso self-playing violin is a one of the greatest achievement in the history of music.

Mills Violin Virtuoso is part of the Guinness Collection housed at the Morris Museum in Morristown New Jersey.

The self playing violins were started to used in1925, though it was invented way back in 1904. Today, self playing violins or automatic violins are becoming more popular and widely available in the market. The demands for such instruments and music are rising year after year. Lovers of music and musicians across the world are getting smarter and choosy in their preferences and choice for musical devices and gadgets, and the type of music they listen to. Jazz music, pop music and the Blues without the accompaniment of a violin would be tasteless.

Fashion; The 70’s Show

There is something utterly fun and fabulous about the 70’s. Easily one of fashion’s favorite decades, it comes around often, and lingers longer than any other decade like the ‘20s and ‘60s. This year, the ‘70s are trending at a macro level, as if the Pied Piper of the style world have come together for a symphony orchestra. The ‘70s is a secret club that everyone wants to visit. At the end of the day, we are all hippies at heart. It’s a wholesome decade and it stands for fun, frivolity and sophistication without intending to be. What I like about the ‘70s is that it lets women be women. You are even allowed to tug in a sandwich.

70s Fashion
70s Fashion

Maybe it is the fashion and lifestyle of the era that makes it a winner. For every flouncy maxi skirt that floats through, a sequin-spangled disco dress rocks a dance floor. Most of the season’s star silhouettes like jumpsuits, pleasant blouses, tie-up tops , bell bottoms, pallazzo pants, maxi skirts and dresses are an off-shoot of the decade. Plunging necklines, dangerously high slits, matchy-matchy sets , floral prints, disco sequins, high waist, animal prints… the rub-off effect goes on and on.


What’s suddenly new and trendy about this wardrobe staple? Everything! This season, denim dominates—from the glossy Gucci ad campaign to the high street store window near you— the fashion world is celebrating denim in all its glory and our good old jeans have got a style update. If you are buying a second pair of jeans this summer, make sure it comes with a roomy flare, in other words, a bell bottom. Yes, yes we know it’s drastic especially if are having trouble giving up skinny jeans for even a boot-cut what’s fashion without a walk out of your comfort zone.

Delicate Jewels

After God knows how many seasons of big, Bigger, biggest, the accessory memo is out. Less is more. This season celebrates the quiet beauty of jewelry, teeny tiny something that whisper a story. Store your statement jewellery away because this is the look now. Necklaces with itsy bitsy pendants layered long and short, dainty stacked rings including the odd midi ring, pendant earrings preferably inherited or raided from grandma. Well, if you are buying anything at all this time, let it be a heart shaped pendant on a silly lightweight chain, that can match the lifestyle of the celebrity world.

To sum up, you should probably check out on some of the fashion bits that got carried over from the past year too. It sure has an interesting twist to it, so do not miss it all.

Smartphone Induction Speaker To Boost Your Passion For Music

Every individual has a different taste for music. Some has the desire to learn different kinds of musical instruments and play, while others like to compose music and there are other people who just love to listen to music.

Lovers of music have chosen different ways of listening to music. There are many people in the world who love to listen to music from their Smartphone, or with the support of a wireless Bluetooth speaker. While others wish to listen to music using different musical devices such as MP3 player, iPod speaker, Powerful sound systems, and Home theater audio system for watching popular movies or listening music at home.

Smartphone Induction Speaker is becoming very popular today. It’s mostly opted and frequently used among the young generations of college going students.

Some of the Advantages of using Smartphone Induction Speaker

smartphone induction speaker

  • With Smartphone Induction speaker you don’t need any docking station, wires or cables to connect. You just have to place your Smartphone on the top of the magic speaker and enjoy listening to your favorite collection of songs without any distortion. This is a unique and great invention for listening music so comfortably.
  • This Induction speaker works wirelessly, Bluetooth connectivity is not needed and no paring is required. It will instantly amplify the sound of the music when the iPhone or Smartphone is kept on it with the music on.
  • The Smartphone Induction Speaker is fully equipped with Near Field Audio (NFA) technology. This technology helps in connecting the Smartphone’s music with the external speaker when its place on the top of the magnetic induction speaker.
  • The Smartphone Induction Speakers are also called Smartphone Magic Music Speakers or Magnetic Induction Speakers. They are usually compact in design, small in size and lightweight. This makes it very convenient and easy to carry in your bag wherever you go.
  • It will automatically amplify the sound of your iPhone and boosts the volume of the music that you are playing with your phone. When your Smartphone is placed on the top of the Induction or external speaker, the sound of music that comes from your phone will be loud and audible for many to enjoy its music.
  • In order to enjoy powerful and amazing sound of music, all that you need is, to buy 3 AA batteries. It is required for running the Induction speaker. The USB cable is included in the package for external use only.
  • The Induction Speaker is compatible and ideal with any Smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy, Nokia, LG, Sony Ericsson Xperia and iPhones etc.
  • Music lovers often use such type of speaker for their personal use. Moreover, this speaker is excellent for gifting purposes on birthdays to your friend and relatives.

The Smartphone Induction Speaker is one of the best, cheap and handy wireless amplifier for your phone, when compared with other musical devices that are available in the market. It’s a portable, hands free and hassle free speaker. So, you can use it anywhere at your convenience, and let your passion for music keep soaring.

Beautiful Music Player – Sony NWZ-W273/BC MP3 Player

Sony-WalkmanWith the introduction of MP3 Player, listening music is just a press of a button away. The MP3 movement is one of the most amazing phenomena that the music world has ever experienced.

No doubt, there are various ways and means to enjoy music. Some use Smartphones and iPods, while others love to listen music with their wireless Bluetooth speaker.

An MP3 player is one of the most frequently used devices for listening music. The portability, convenience, flexibility and affordability contributed for its popularity.

What’s So Amazing about Sony MP3 Player

One of the best features about this particular model is the battery life. You can comfortably listen to your most favorite music for about 8 hours without any problem.

If you are in hurry, and if the battery is down, you can quickly recharge the battery for 3 minutes and you will enjoy playback time for about 60 minutes. The Lithium ion rechargeable battery will hardly take one and half hour to fully recharge the battery using the USB cable.



Sony MP3 player is a waterproof music player. It will protect against water from a depth of 2 meters. So, you are free and safe to listen to music anywhere even in the rain. Being waterproof, it will be perfect for outdoor use. It has the capacity for storing large number of songs and music. The internal storage capacity is 4GB. So, you will never run out of music wherever you go.

The Sony NWZ-W273/BC is a wireless MP3 player. Design in such a way to fit securely around your head. This gives you the comfort of listening music without any hassle. Moreover, it will allow you to move freely without worrying about the cables and wires getting into your way.

This media player is highly compatible with different operating system such as Mac OP X and Microsoft Windows and Android. It is also compatible with various audio formats such as WMA Linear PCM audio, and MP3 for maximum playability.

It is fully equipped with Zappin technology, which allows you to easily find your favourite songs without wasting your time. Music files can easily and quickly be transferred using the drag-and-drop function. Transferring music files using tools like iTunes and Windows Media Player is quite easy and hassle free.

Infact, the drag and drop function and the Zappin feature makes this MP3 player very special and different from the rest of the other music players that are available in the market.

Sony music player is compact and lightweight in design. It will hardly weight about 29g only. This gives you the maximum freedom of movement for a truly comfortable and unique listening experience. So, carry with you wherever you go.

It has an adjustable band with an ergonomic fitting that gives an additional support and comfort in listening music. The Sony MP3 Player NWZ-W273/BC is user friendly, and the manufacturer offer one year limited warranty for this product.

The comfort of listening is what you mostly look for when you buy musical devices and gadgets. Music comes so naturally and spontaneously with Sony MP3 player. It’s not just about the attractive features and other benefits, but the pleasure and happiness of listening through this system is matchless and beyond comparison. Experience the gift of music and let it continue to inspire you. Keep using Sony MP3 player and let it satisfy your hunger for music.

Is it the Work of Destiny or a Way of Life

Do two strong-minded people, who are at the top of their game, make for a great couple or are opposites more compatible? Well, hold back your opinion; let us take a look at the phenomenon in terms of the movies we see. Think of any two Hollywood celebrities who didn’t quite make it to the happily ever after’ club though they were soul mates, best friends in movies.

Take Harry Potter and Hermoine in JK Rowling’s fiction. Would you agree that the know-it-all Hermoine falling for alpha male Harry who is compassionate, mature, confident, and a leader is much more credible and would have made for a classic end? And that it is a mistake that she was married off to Ron Weasley? Well, on the other hand, Ron fanatics believe that a strong minded woman doesn’t always look for the same qualities in her partner and hence the contrast in Ron-Hermoine pairing works much better. Let’s take a look at more of similar pairings too.


Yes, here are some more popular fictional characters, who disappointed fans when they didn’t end up together.

  • Pip and Biddy in Great expectations: In an ideal world, Pip and his confident Biddy would have united in the end. But in this dramatic Charles Dickens classic, despite their camaraderie, they only share a platonic relationship. And though Pip realizes that Biddy is much easier to fall in love with, than his real love interest Estelle, his mind is always in conflict. It sure is an interesting affair; you should probably read more about them.
  • Jacob and Bella in the Twilight series: Team Jacob would agree that if Bella had chosen werewolf Jacob over her vampire lover Edward, she would not have been plagued with so many death threats. Jokes apart, Jacob and Bella are soul mates, who get along fabulously even during turbulent times. No wonder their sizzlingTalking_Movies chemistry was an eyesore to Edward.
  • Gale and Katniss in the Hunger Games: Best friends and hunting partners, Gale and Katniss were perhaps meant to end up together, if it wasn’t for Peeta. They share a lot in common and their falling in love only seemed natural in the book, katniss almost gives away her feelings for Gale when she says Gale is mine, I am his, Anything else is unthinkable..’ Wanna find out more? Watch it.
  • Jay and Daisy in Great Gatsby: When Daisy chooses to stay with her husband Tom instead of leaving him for Jay, the man loves, betrayed readers accused her of letting money win over her true feelings! Despite the romantic past that they shared, these two characters gave readers this message: the past should remain the past.
  • Laurie and Jo in Little Woman: Readers were upset when Josephine ‘Jo” March turned down her best friend, the handsome Theodre ‘Laurie’ Laurence’s proposal. Laurie, who is violently in love with her, finally marries her sister Amy, while Jo falls for the older Bhear, Fritz! With their many similarities, we wonder if Jo made the wrong choice.

Well, I hope you liked these, interesting ain’t they? This and a lot more, you can sure add more to your list if you happen to get more information. There will be volumes of speculations from different perspectives anyway and it will be best to watch the movies yourself and incorporate your very own opinion.

Healthy Living; It’s a Lifestyle

Living a healthy life is all about the habits we cultivate through our lifetime. Healthy habits make a healthy life. It is not just about eating the so called healthy food items. Eating according to the kind of exercise we get is very important in the sense that, consuming wholesome cereals and vegetables do not automatically ensure the best health. If we are unable to maintain a healthy routine, our body cannot function in a healthy manner. For example eating rich food and having adequate exercise will only accumulate excess fats in our body which will in turn hinder the smooth circulation of blood in the blood streams.


The necessity of a balanced diet

A balanced diet is something that we all are well aware of. And what we must in fact consider before our concerns about a balanced diet is the balance between the energy we spent and the food we take in. There is wide variation between the different kinds of work that people toil in. Being healthy also means allowing your body to have its normal flow. But for the whole body to function in a fluid manner, our mind needs to regulate it well. That is what we say well being. Also, make cooking interesting and simple with interesting recipes and innovative kitchenware such as modern induction cooktop.

Exercise Regimes for a Well Being

And that is why we need a number of exercise regimes and routines that is meant to ease our mind which will in turn enhance our nerves. Nerves are the regulating networks that are spread all over our body. Among the health conscious, especially the elderly, routines like yoga and aerobi


cs are a big catch. For elders whose bodies have begun to wear out and reduced it resilience from day to day toils, they seek the relieving feeling of yoga. Unlike youngsters most elders prefer not to jump and dance to the music of aerobics. Well, of course yoga stretches have equal stimulating powers as the aerobic moves.

Yoga is in fact gaining wide prominence even among the celebrities who go try to combat with a mass of daily stress and strain. Moreover, their obsession over staying fit and fashionable enough has turned the practice of yoga into one of the most exclusive lifestyle factors even in the celebrity world. Even dancers like yoga stretches to improve their flexibility and to be able to relax and heal their strain.

Aerobics also known as a sport has gained worldwide popularity too. It has a rhythmic move and stretches than can help boost the co-ordination of our movements. With growing prominence, there are a good many fantastic choreographers emerging. So don’t miss taking this fun way of working out with booming music either indoors or outdoors. Outdoor aerobics is the more preferable so shake it up with one of your favorite smartphone induction speakers. The energetic physical movement is recommendable for youngsters especially kids and therefore many schools and educational institutes have incorporated such activity in their curriculum.


Well, healthy living goes hand in hand with healthy lifestyle. To ensure a healthy life, adequate exercise routines, along with a healthy diet, are essential. Make your way to healthier food habits and working habits too. And, take care you are not sleep deprived. However trivial or grave a decision it is for you to make, now is the time to start making the correct choices. Wishing you a healthy life!